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Distribution and Rights:

A Maysles Films Inc. Production

Key Credits:

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©2006, USA, a film by Albert Maysles, David Maysles
and Ian Markiewicz, Beta SP, color, 90 mins

Film Synopsis:

A love letter to the fans of the original film and to the
two women at its heart, The Beales of Grey Gardens
is drawn entirely from never-before-seen material from
the Maysles archive. Edited from hours and hours of
footage shot between 1973 and 1976, The Beales
captures ‘Big’ Edie and ‘Little’ Edie at their resplendent,
dazzling and exasperating best—philosophizing on God,
love and war amidst the disorder of their ramshackle
East Hampton mansion, with a montage tribute to
Little Edie’s inimitable style and showstopping outfits.
This intimate and transfixing portrait of the Beales,
iconic figures since the release of Grey Gardens
some thirty years ago, brings us ever closer to the
baroque mystery of their lives together.