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Distribution and Rights:

A Maysles Films Inc. Production

Rights to Sony Classical.

Key Credits:

A film by Albert Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, Susan Froemke,
Producers Susan Froemke, Peter Gelb
Editor Pam Wise
Filmed by Albert Maysles with Don Lenzer, Vic Losick, and George Bottos
Executive producer Peter Gelb
Assistant camera James McCalmont, Christophe Lanzenberg, Franco Ceccarell, Franco Rosignoli

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©1987, a film by Albert and David Maysles, Susan Froemke,
Charlotte Zwerin, 50 mins

Film Synopsis:

In March 1987, pianist Vladimir Horowitz embarked on an
extraordinary project. For the first time in 35 years, he
agreed to record with a symphony orchestra in a studio.
He chose the conductor, Carlo Maria Giulini, the orchestra,
the La Scala Philharmonic, and the location, the Abanella
recording studio of La Scala in Milan. Horowitz steadfastly
refused to allow the month-long sessions to be filmed, until
the evening before the last scheduled session when he
unexpectedly changed his mind. His manager, Peter Gelb,
immediately telephoned Albert Maysles and Susan Froemke
in New York, the co-filmmakers of Vladimir Horowitz:
The Last Romantic
. That same night, the Maysles film
crew flew from New York.

The film includes a complete performance of Mozart's
Concerto No. 23 in A Major. Also included are cinema
verité scenes of Horowitz preparing for recording,
reviewing the tapes with Giulini, talking with his wife,
Wanda Toscanini Horowitz, and giving an impromptu
press conference for a group of visiting European critics.


The film engages both classical music enthusiasts and
the uninitiated.
- VILLAGE VOICE, October 20, 1987

The result is an excellent chronicle of Horowitz at work
as well as of Horowitz, the humorist, in cheerful banter
with members of the European press and with his wife...
- Robert Kimball, NEW YORK POST, October 8, 1987


Premiered at New York Film Festival

Sigma Alpha Iota Award

Emmy Award Nominee for Outstanding Classical
Program in Performing Arts (1989)